DataSurge: When Performance Matters

Virgin Balloon Flights

Virgin Balloon Flights had developed an application to enable their franchisees throughout the UK to store and access their data centrally.

However the system was unstable -- franchisees were frequently getting disconnected and the performance of the application was poor; the application frequently took several minutes to return the requested data!

Clearly expertise was needed, and Virgin turned to DataSurge to solve the problem.

At the client's request, we upgraded their SQL Server database to the latest version smoothly, but unlike the client, we didn't believe that the source of their problems lay in the database.

We identified the instability was due to suboptimal network configuration and the variance in performance due to the application's poor design.

As a result, we completely rewrote the way the application spoke to the database, optimising the design to take into account the limited network bandwidth and poor latency.

As a result of our work, we managed to increase application performance by almost ten times and drastically improved application up-time.