DataSurge: When Performance Matters

UBS Investment Bank

UBS is one of the leading investment banks of the world.

The Swiss financial regulator FINMA introduced the requirement for a new measurement of financial risk, the Comprehensive Risk Measure. This calculation required the computation of 2.5bn risk simulations weekly, in order to produce the single Comprehensive Risk Measure.

Our consultant was tasked with designing and developing the reporting database to store 2.5bn records every week, which had to be loaded into the database within a 12 hour window, as well as coding the data extraction, transformation and load process.

The first version of the software was rolled out within eight weeks of commencement of the project in order to meet FINMAs regulatory deadline. Within a few weeks the loading process was optimized until it could load 1,000,000 records per second into the database and produce the final report within 7 hours of the last simulation being calculated.