DataSurge: When Performance Matters

Tata Consultancy Services


Tata Consultancy Services were engaged by Diageo to take on the further development of a global datawarehouse for daily analytics of PNL and Sales Data.

Initially developed in-house. Multiple consultancies had previously all suggested improvements, but none of the consultancies had taken any action to improve the poor performance.

TCS hired DataSurge to improve the performance of the existing sytem:

We quickly identified performance bottlenecks and implemented code and design changes to bring processing time from 40 hours down to 13 hours. Subsequently, we performed a hardware review, which after identifying the IO subsystem as a bottleneck, resulted in the testing and implementation of FusionIO storage.

DataSurge redesigned the server architecture, writing a High Level Design to provide AlwaysOn high availability of SQL Server databases together with full automated-failover design for Microsoft Analysis Services (Tabular Mode) and Microstrategy servers.

On the analytical engine, we analysed the existing dimensional model and ETL routines identifying inefficiencies requiring redesign. We then redesigned the Entity Relational model to increase performance, scalability and to introduce a structure that would support reporting from offices around the world and around the clock.