DataSurge: When Performance Matters

Sungard eProcess Intelligence

Hired by Sungard when the company was formerly known as Microbank Software, DataSurge were tasked with advising on the forthcoming release of their Intellimatch software product, which was to be the first to support Microsoft SQL Server 7.

The Intellimatch product is a high performance matching and exception processing engine, and is used by several investment banks globally to perform automated matching of payments to trades made at high speed.

DataSurge analysed the product's existing performance to determine bottlenecks and coded proof-of-concepts demonstrating how the product could work considerably faster. This work included a thorough analysis of database table indexing.

We established hardware configuration guidelines and worked with the technical authors to update the documentation to take into account the latest version of SQL Server.

DataSurge additionally were asked to report upon ways of reducing product support costs. We came up with numerous suggestions including database schema improvements, database consolidation and focusing development efforts by restructuring development teams.

As a result, Sungard's Intellimatch matching and exception processing engine is now the world leader.