DataSurge: When Performance Matters


Office Angels is one of the largest recruitment agencies in the UK with offices in all major cities comprising in excess of 500 staff.

When Office Angels' main computer system started to behave erratically, Office Angels wanted the best troubleshooting available and so engaged DataSurge to provide some answers.

Our first priority is always to stabilise the situation, so we set about monitoring their live system. We determined that the reason they experienced problems out of the blue coincided with the running of a particular portion of code for the first time under such heavy load. To alleviate this problem, we created some additional indexes on their database and optimised some of the problematic code.

Over the course of the next couple of weeks, our consultant recommended numerous code and database optimisations, providing knowledge transfer to their in-house team. As each recommendation was progressively implemented, the client was able to sustain service to the end users under increasing loads.

Several months later, Office Angels' began experiencing further performance problems. Again they called on DataSurge who analysed and solved the problem within two days on site!

As a result, Office Angels have recovered from their initial problems and now have a far better idea of how to design future versions of their application to prevent such problems reoccurring. However should they have any further issues, they know they can rely on DataSurge to resolve the problem quickly.