DataSurge: When Performance Matters

MSN UK Shopping

Microsoft hired DataSurge to pioneer the first version of their MSN Shopping web portal in the UK.

Our role was to ensure that the website was rolled out smoothly and on time in order to allow the marketing effort to ramp up for the predicted Christmas deluge.

Our work focused on the analysis of the existing US system to identify and mitigate inherent project and technical risks. This involved a complete redesign of the server topology and infrastructure, optimisation of the database and increasing internet security making the process of publishing new and updated consumer products more robust.

Among the many tasks we undertook, we built the server computers for the website to an exacting standard optimised for high performance and programmed specialised processeses and web pages to ensure that the site operated smoothly and offered a consistent high quality user experience.

As a result of our input, the shopping portal was rolled out on time, the marketing ramp up was highly successful, and Microsoft's UK Shopping portal is one of the most popular for consumers in the UK.