DataSurge: When Performance Matters


Mimecast tasked DataSurge with the implementation of enterprise-grade processes and practices for BI to enhance resilience, performance and manageability of their financial BI systems.

We designed new server topology and specified server components down to part number, slashing licensing costs and boosting server performance. We also integrated on-premises data services with Azure and Netsuite data services.

We introduced the development best-practices of source-control, test-driven development and continuous integration to the BI team and mentored the team in their use.

Performance highlights of the engagement included cutting one process from over an hour to 2.5 minutes and another from 40 minutes to 0.4 seconds, using a combination of infrastructure changes, tuning and process redesign using more optimal algorithms.

We pioneered the use of Powershell for administration and automation, including advanced concepts of remote execution and impersonation of credentials to enable seamless cross-server automation in a high-security environment.

Technlogies utilised included Microsoft Data Platform components as well as Azure, Tableau, NetSuite, SalesForce and Big Data integration.