DataSurge: When Performance Matters

Lloyds Banking Group: Corporate Markets

Lloyds Banking Group had problems with the performance of their management information system that reported on both the credit and market risk associated with credit derivatives trading.

Our consultants analysed their existing system: We recommended a redesign not only of the underlying database, but of the server and storage systems: Implementing our storage recommendations increased their storage write throughput by over 600%.

In parallel to the storage reconfiguration, we re-designed the database, ensuring it had both the performance and flexibility to cope with the complex queries and reports that had to be produced.

After implementing the new database design, we specified and designed the new servers together with new high-speed storage. Standing by our predictions, we planned and rolled out the new hardware of this mission-critical system, increasing the speed with which maintenance procedures could be carried out by over 300% and increasing total disk throughput by a factor of ten.