DataSurge: When Performance Matters

Global Beach Group

Global Beach are a leading provider of web marketing and sales services.

Dealer Web Services is an application powering the websites of all of Ford, Jaguar and Aston Martin's dealer websites in the UK. As a company with a keen eye on providing a satisfying user experience, Global Beach engaged DataSurge to speed up their existing Dealer Web Services application, and to re-design the underlying database to enhance scalability further.

Inside of two weeks, we had improved the response time of searches for cars by 800% (for an example, see and search for a Used Vehicle).

We then set about redesigning their entire database, building in added flexibility to future-proof the application to support envisioned business opportunities. Not content with saying we designed a scalable solution, we decided to put it to the test by loading the new design with a fictional 50 million used vehicles. Despite this challenge, our design managed sub-second response times for a range of query types.

Having a new database design is one thing, but migrating the data is another entirely. To make this as painful as possible, we wrote all the migration code necessary to ease their transition to the new database schema.