DataSurge: When Performance Matters


GFI Net were experiencing stability problems with their main straight-through-processing energy trading system. DataSurge were called in to analyse the problem and restore application stability.

Within a week, we had identified and resolved the problem.

Having proven our worth to the client, we were called in a couple of months later to deal with a performance problem.

This time the resolution required substantial recoding in multiple applications. In situations where substantial work must be initiated, DataSurge realises the importance of prioritising work so that the most problematic subsystems are tackled first in order that maximum performance gain is realised from minimal financial investment.

We concluded that a phased approach would be most cost-efficient to the client and documented the precise actions to be taken in each phase to successfully resolve the problem.

With a clear roadmap to work to GFI Net assigned DataSurge the task of rewriting much of the existing system.

Inside of five weeks, we had rewritten much of the data access layer, using the fastest performing data access techniques available. To ensure fast performance, we introduced a new enhanced user interface and to facilitate a smooth rollout, we developed an easy way to configure the application on all workstations and servers from one central location.