DataSurge: When Performance Matters

DST (Incorporating IFDS)

International Financial Data Services engaged DataSurge to enhance the performance of a new wealth management platform system.

We analysed and reported on major design changes required to increase scalability and concurrency, the scope of which covered client code, database design, server configuration, topology and hardware specification and storage subsystems.

As a result of our investigations, we determined that a far faster, low-latency flash based storage subsystem would be required to meet the very high performance requirements of the project. We therefore conducted in-depth evaluation of specialised high-performance flash subsystems including the precise configuration of the storage networking.

Our consultant designed and implemented a complete high-availability infrastructure topology, including full risk identification, impact analysis and mitigation to fulfil business continuity requirements. In order to ensure build consistency and repeatability, we then wrote and implemented automated builds for database server deployments.

To provide ongoing performance metrics, we identified a need for centralised performance monitoring, conducting a multi-vendor evaluation, resulting in implementation of the chosen solution.

So pleased were the Architecture department with the work undertaken, they requested our consultant to author the corporate Solution Building Block strategy for Microsoft SQL Server, providing a path to fulfil goal of enterprise server consolidation.