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Windows System Tools

CCleaner An easy to use registry and temporary file cleaner. Also detects other broken linkage issues.
jv16 PowerTools A serious toolset at a great price: Software Manager, Registry Manager, Cleaner and Monitor, File Cleaner, Duplicate File Finder, History Cleaner... the list of features goes on and on -- we use it ourselves!
Microsoft SysInternals Written by the Windows deity David Russinovich, Microsoft snapped up his range of administrative tools together with the popular SysInternals.com website. True gems that should have a place on everyone's PC. Need we say more?
Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 7 Updated toolset to manage Windows Server 2008 from Windows 7 client.
Windows 2003 Server Resource Kit Tools Absolutely essential for the serious administrator and those wishing to get to grips with server diagnostics and management. Of particular note is the excellent Robocopy utility, the best file copying utility around and the tool of choice for scripted file copying over a Microsoft network.
Windows 2003 Server Administration Tools Pack Tools that are automatically installed on the server version of the product but not on XP Professional or Home.
Microsoft Extensible Counter List This utility lists performance counters installed on a Windows machine and optionally allows you to selectively enable/disable them.
Internet Information Server 6 Resource Kit Extra tools that don't come with Windows Server 2003 to give you added administrative control of IIS 6
Gnu Win32 Utilities These are the famous utilities installed on every Linux/Unix distribution, but ported to run on the Windows 32-bit platform.


GZip A great command-line compression utility, ideal for compressing backups and using in unattended jobs. Try it with the -1 (minimum compression, maximum speed) option before trying higher compression levels, which can take much longer.
Tar Tar is the original Unix "Tape Archiving" tool. It is not a compression algorithm: Rather it concatenates files and their directory structures into singular archive files. So what use is it? Well in many cases, you may wish to transfer a large number of already highly compressed files (e.g. image files). Transferring these files involves a large amount of to-and-fro'ing between computers which, when transferring tens of thousands of files, can take a substantial amount of time. Tar'ing the files and transferring the archive file to the destination may be many times faster.

Note that when both Tar and Gzip are installed, it is possible to compress and concatenate files from the Tar program in a single command.


Copernic Agent Installing as both a stand-alone Windows application and also integrating with Internet Explorer, Copernic Agent searches multiple search engines simultaneously using multi-threading, then it aggregates the responses of all searches, de-duplicates them and ranks the results efficiently.

The Basic agent is free with the Personal and Professional at-cost versions offering more focused search types and smarter processing of results.
Copernic Desktop Search Copernic Desktop Search does what Windows Search should have, but doesn't: It utilises the Windows Content Indexing Server to create free-text indices of your files, contacts, emails, videos, music, etc. Because you define precisely what you want it to index, the index creation is as fast as possible without creating unmanagably large indices. We recommend that you choose to index the folders in which you create and store your documents initially.

As one would expect, the resultant searches are lightning-fast!


Windows Power Toys Adds a number of features to the user interface experience including support for up to 4 desktops, "command-prompt-here" functionality and ClearType support.