Software Development

"The last company that developed software for us brought in a couple of graduates to cut the code. True they designed an application that worked, but it didn't do everything we wanted it to, and talk about slow! We've missed our target rollout date and as a result will miss the Christmas business. To add insult to injury, I've had to spend money on an outside consultant to prove it's their fault and not our hardware..."

"We hired a programmer to develop our system. Now he's left, we want to add some functionality. There's no documentation, the program's full of bugs and the system is grindingly slow. This time we want to hire an expert to ensure our enhancements are going in the right direction..."

DataSurge doesn't use graduates, only highly experienced professionals with a track record of delivering.

We believe that experienced staff reduce the cost of development by avoiding the rework caused by others "learning-on-the-job".

We believe in developing precisely what you need with no bells and whistles.

We believe that good design coupled with early identification of project risks leads to quicker delivery.

We believe that systems should work fast, for many users and be built with reliability as a forethought, not an afterthought.