Linux Links

Essential Sites

DistroWatch Need some objective advice on which Linux distro to go for? This site keeps an eye on them all -- your first step into the world of Linux.
OpenPrinting Before you buy that printer, make sure that it supports Linux! This is the site for everything to do with printing on Linux.

General Distributions

Ubuntu Probably the most popular Linux distro for the desktop user, it has a wide range of hardware support that is auto-configuring. Our personal favourite, the default install utilises the Gnome window manager.
Kubuntu Built upon many of the same components as Ubuntu, Kubuntu installs with the KDE window manager by default and a different choice of default installed applications. Which you choose is purely a matter of personal taste.
Xubuntu This is the lightweight Ubuntu variant, which installs with the graphically less demanding XFCE window manager and a choice of lighter applications by default. Suitable for older computers.
Fedora As the base of the famous Red Hat Linux, it is the development version and is not commercially supported by Red Hat, although it has a very large community behind it. The package management system is not as robust as the Ubuntu variants though.
PCLinuxOS Based upon Mandrake Linux, PCLinuxOS is an English-only distribution with a nice user interface.
OpenSuse Sponsored by Novell, this distribution is more popular in Europe than in the US. Novell's involvement has provided the financial leg-up needed to make this distribution a global contender.
Knoppix When it comes to hardware support, nothing quite compares with Knoppix. It can boot the most obscure hardware and is available as a LiveCD for you to try first. Put together in Germany, it is pure "Deutsche-Qualität"!
Gentoo Want to get your hands dirty? Only for the brave, Gentoo differs from other distributions: Its range of packages is bleeding-edge; The package management system (Portage) downloads the source code for all components and compiles them specifically for your processor architecture. Everything is configurable. This is the fastest Linux distribution, but prone to instability.

Specialist Distributions

Edubuntu Utilising the Gnome window manager, this distribution is aimed at children and includes a range of educational software by default. The perfect safe platform for your child's bedroom.
Damn Small Linux Designed to fit into 50MB, this is the smallest and (consequently) one of the fastest Linux distributions. However, in order to fit onto 50MB, many users will find the applications have too few features.
Damn Small Linux - Not! If Damn Small Linux's applications aren't powerful enough for your needs, the DSL team provide a DSL-N variant that has larger, more sophisticated applications.
GParted LiveCD This bootable CD allows you to define, resize and move partitions around on a disk. A must-have in your toolbox.