Hardware Consultancy

"My Network Administrator wants to implement a SAN. He says it will save us money on unused disk space. Before I spend 250,000 I want an independent expert to tell me if this is the right solution for our database servers..."

"We're planning to roll out a large scale website. I need someone to specify the servers and how they're going to connect to the internet, each other, the firewall, load balancer and our corporate network in a way that's not only scalable and secure, but easy to manage too..."

"Business is great -- every month we have 10% more visitors to our website than the previous month, but I'm worried our hardware won't be able to cope. Do I buy more webservers, or just more powerful machines?. My developers tell me I can't use load balancing. Is this true? What are my options?..."

Common questions.

But where do you find expertise with both the breadth and depth of experience to answer these questions and those you haven't even begun to think of?

And who will partner your company in achieving your business objectives through technology?