Development Links

General Resources

MSDN Library Microsoft's definitive library of resources for the developer.
Microsoft KnowledgeBase Microsoft's KnowledgeBase is a searchable repository of bugs, fixes, patches, downloads, workarounds and in-depth technical information. An essential resource for the serious developer and support analyst.

Development Communities Community concentrating on C++ and C# rather than Visual Basic. Good articles and a great newsletter. Focusing mainly on ASP/ASP.NET, a very popular site.


Softsteel's C# Tutorial A good introduction to the C# language.
C# Station's C# Tutorial Focusing on the language itself, this is a great C# tutorial.

Code Samples

MSDN Code Center Microsoft's central repository of code samples.
GotDotNet User Samples Microsoft sponsored website including sample forum.

Database Resources A great resource to find out the connection strings for all different types of database.

Tools for Text Processing

Perl for Windows Although highly cryptic and unsuitable for team development, Perl remains the king of text processing languages.

Ideal for system administrators and small simple scripts, it is possible to process up to 30,000 rows of data per second! Furthermore, the ease with which regular expressions can be coded in very few lines of code makes it superb for quick one-off data transformations.
Gnu Core Utils A direct port of the Unix coreutils, these utilities include the original Unix Text Utils. Includes programs such as cat, cut, tail, head, split, sort, uniq and grep.

Performance Articles

Performance Best Practices at a Glance Index to a whole chapter of articles describing best practice. Great stuff.
25+ ASP Tips to Improve Performance and Style Probably one of the best articles ever written about writing high performance ASP code. Many of the lessons are as applicable in the ASP.NET world as in that of ASP.
Improving String Handling Performance in ASP Applications Great article describing the problems associated with string handling and solutions to enhance performance.
Improving String Handling Performance in .NET Framework Applications Similar article to that above, but describing the problems associated with string handling and solutions to enhance performance using the .NET Framework.
Improving .NET Application Performance and Scalability A complete guide to .NET performance and scalability covering many issues.
Give Your .NET-based Application a Fast and Responsive UI with Multiple Threads An advanced article about utilising multithreading to enhance the user experience in Windows Forms applications.